How many apartment homes will there be at Carsins Run?

Carsins Run at Eva Mar will feature 137 independent living apartment homes, 32 Assisted Living apartments, 12 Memory Care and 12 Comprehensive Nursing suites. Should the market demand warrant it, our site is designed and approved by Harford County for future expansion of amenity spaces as well as additional apartments and health care suites.

Does the monthly fee include any meals? 

Absolutely! We are proud to offer you a plan filled with choices. Your meal plan will feature a declining balance which we project to start at $350 per person per month. You will have the flexibility to use your meal plan in any one of the 4 dining venues within the community! Rest assured that if you are on vacation away from Carsins Run, your dining dollars can roll over to the next month. At the end of each quarter your balance will reset. When you want to show off your new home to friends, your dining dollars can also be used to pay for guest and family meals!

What kind of internet service is included in the monthly fee?

Technology evolves quickly and while we are still a few years away from opening our doors, our current plans are to have fiber optics that will provide high speed internet throughout the community including your apartment. Internet and cable TV service will be included in your Monthly Fee.

Who will be your television provider and what channel lineup will be included in the monthly fee?

While we are still investigating our final provider, your “basic line-up” will feature more than 100 channels including many popular networks. If you would like to add premium channels or services, you will have the ability to set those up directly with the provider for an additional charge.

Will you provide complimentary transportation for your residents?

Yes! Your monthly fee will include transportation on a regularly scheduled basis for local shopping, physician office visits and activities within a 10-mile radius. If you require transportation for personal or group outings, you can make arrangements for an extra fee.

Will my monthly fees increase from year to year?

The Carsins Run team works hard to keep expenses in check without compromising the quality of service and upkeep of our beautiful community. There are costs that may rise that are beyond our control such as food, utilities, benefits, materials, etc. Nationally, the average increase in CCRCs can range from 2.5% to 5% in a given year. Any increase will be communicated to you in writing with no less than a 45-day advance written notification.

Is any portion of my entrance fee tax deductible?

Yes! Residents living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) can deduct portions of their non-refundable Entrance Fees and unreimbursed Monthly Fees in excess of 7.5% of adjusted gross income (AGI) as prepaid medical expenses. (IRS Revenue Rulings 67-185, 75- 302 and 76-481). These tax benefits can offset the costs of entrance and monthly fees for residents. Because Entrance Fees are typically high, residents can maximize their deductions the first year. Carsins Run will provide a detailed letter to residents each year communicating the percentage of operating expenses that were allocated to medical expenses, but management strongly advises residents to seek a tax advisor to determine the specific methodology and calculation for the specific deductible.

Are you going to have a pool on campus?

While a pool is a wonderful amenity to offer, we are not planning to construct a pool in our first phase of construction. Not only does this keep our costs lower, we also do not know how many residents would utilize a pool and if the overall cost incurred would justify the total cost to the community. In the meantime, to meet the needs of our wellness focused residents, we are negotiating a partnership with a local fitness center that has an existing pool. We will provide complimentary transportation to and from the facility for residents wishing to utilize the pool.

May we bring two (2) cars with us?

Absolutely! Our residents continue to be vibrant members of the greater Harford County community through continued employment and voluntering. You are welcome to bring your passenger vehicle(s) with you. There is no charge for parking, and we plan on having valet parking, which will be especially beneficial during the winter months. Our Charter Members will have first pick for one (1) reserved parking spot of their choice in the order in which they reserve their apartment home.

May I bring my pet(s) to live with me at Carsins Run?

At Carsins Run, we recognize that pets can play an important part in your quality of life. Your pets are part of your family! Each apartment may be home to a maximum of two pets up to 100 lbs. total weight which may include cats, dogs, birds or fish tanks not to exceed 55 gallons. All dogs and cats over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered. (Separate guidelines exist for service animals). Please ask to review the complete Pet Policy.

Will there be valet parking and valet car retrieval?

Yes. Residents will be able to request their car be brought to the main entrance during normal business hours. This will be especially helpful during inclement weather and when automobile windows need to be cleaned of snow and ice.

What will the Concierge duties be?

The Concierge will be the first point of contact for all Customer Service questions for our residents and their guests. The concierge will inform you of your guests’ arrival and direct them to your residence. She/he will be available to answer questions, provide information on where to find activities, transportation schedules as well as have any form necessary and available for you for activities, transportation, dining, etc. At the Concierge desk, you will also be able to arrange parcel pickups as well as pick up your pharmacy deliveries.

Why should I sign up now instead of waiting until you are open?

Today, if you sign up as a Charter Member you become eligible for the many benefits that will not be available to subsequent residents. The benefits have substantial value and are limited to the first groups of initial depositors. (Please ask to see the most current Charter Member Benefits available at the time of inquiry). A sampling of these incredible savings is as follows:

• Guaranteed locked in lowest Entrance Fee pre-construction pricing

• Best choice of location

• Covered or garage parking (Manor Home Apts: available - Clubhouse Apts: waitlist)

• $3,000 worth of upgrades or customizations

Is this new community tied to other Presbyterian Homes? The Presbyterian Home of Maryland, Inc., (PHM) has served the Baltimore area senior population since 1883. Originally located in downtown Baltimore, the Presbyterian Home of Maryland moved to the historic Bosley estate in Towson in 1929. A faith based not-for-profit charitable organization serving adults of all faiths, the Presbyterian Home of Maryland has been committed to its mission through the provision of a complete continuum of care. PHM recognized the limitations presented by the age of the building and being landlocked at the Towson location and began to research options. In 2004 the Board of Directors of PHM embarked on the strategic planning process to determine how they may best continue to serve today’s retirees in the same gracious manner as they have since 1883. In December 2015, PHM secured what was to become its new location - 47 acres of Maryland countryside in Bel Air. There was an immediate connection on the part of PHM with this new property as it offered the county something they needed as well as providing a bucolic location set in nature for future residents with a plan to offer gracious, comfortable country living. Even though you may hear of other Presbyterian Home sponsored CCRCs, Carsins Run is the only CCRC in Maryland owned and operated by Presbyterian Home of Maryland and is not connected to any other Presbyterian sponsored community.

I read that Bel Air, MD was voted “The Best Place to Retire” Is this true?

In 2018, Bel Air was named Maryland’s “Best Place to Retire” according to the financial and retirement planning website SmartAsset.com. SmartAsset based its indexed ratings on three factors: state and local taxes (income and sales), the number of doctor’s offices per 1,000 people, recreation centers per 1,000 people and the number of seniors in each area as a percentage of population. We are very proud that residents living at Carsins Run will not only be living at the only CCRC in Harford County but also living in the Best Place to Retire in Maryland!

Will I be asked to leave the community if I run out of money?

Carsins Run will not terminate the Residence and Services Agreement with residents solely because a Resident is unable to continue to pay the Monthly Fee. (For more information on financial assistance, please refer to the Residence and Services Agreement approved by the Department of Aging).

Will there be a nurse on campus?

Yes, there will a nurse available on campus 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

Is Carsins Run a smoke free environment?

To enhance the quality of life in the Community, the common areas at Carsins Run are non-smoking areas. Residents may smoke in their homes and in designated outdoor areas. Employees may smoke only in designated employee smoking areas. 

Will Carsins Run have a Woodworking Shop? 

Yes, Carsins Run will have a woodworking shop that will be run by the residents. No need to get rid of your tools and woodworking equipment. The shop will be a gathering place for friends to enjoy creating together!

Will there be a designated storage area?

Storage will be provided on each floor for easy access for residents. Each apartment comes with one wire mesh cage measuring 4'd x 4'w x 8'h. This will be large enough for such items as holiday decorations and/or suitcases. Residents will provide their own lock.

How will this project be financed? 

Carsins Run will be financed by tax exempt bonds. Clifton Larsen Allen (CLA) will provide the financial feasibility for the project, the Maryland Department of Aging (MDOA) will provide the approval for the project to proceed and H. J. Sims will be the bond underwriters.

Who will issue the bonds? 

The bonds will be issued by the Maryland Higher Education Facilities Authority.

Can future residents of Carsins Run at Eva Mar buy these bonds when they are issued? 

The bonds will be issued when Carsins Run is 70% reserved, just prior to the start of construction. H.J. Sims will provide an opportunity for residents of Carsins run to purchase bonds at the time of issuance.