The Value of Carsins Run

An investment at Carsins Run is an investment in the quality of your future. 

Carsins Run at Eva Mar will be Harford County’s first and only Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)—offering an active, independent lifestyle with the assurance of personalized healthcare, should you need it. 

Limited Time Offer

Reserve your apartment of choice today for only $1,000.

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Plan Early for a Worry-free Future

  • Will living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community make my life easier?

  • How will this lifestyle choice benefit me and my spouse?

  • Will it provide peace of mind for my children?

  • Who will take care of me if I need future healthcare services?

Putting a retirement plan in place now will save you and your family from making last-minute decisions under stressful, life-changing health events in the future. 

“Once you reach retirement age, you start thinking about the rest of your life. We didn’t want to be in a situation where our health suddenly declined, and we wouldn’t be able to live independently, with no plan in place. We didn’t want our children to be forced to make decisions on our behalf as we age. We wanted to make these important decisions ourselves now while living independently, relieving our children of any hard choices down the road. That’s why we decided that Carsins Run was the right choice for us.”

— Kay & Bill Seccurro, Future Residents

Reserve Now & Receive Extra Value

The first group of depositors who secure their apartment homes at Carsins Run will be known as Charter Members.

By reserving early, you’ll have access to an exclusive set of Charter Member benefits that succeeding members will not have.

  • Priority selection of residences in the community

  • Lowest pre-construction fees being offered for a limited time

  • $3,000 worth of complimentary upgrades to personalize your new residence

Choose Your Entrance Fee Refund Plan

At Carsins Run, residents pay a one-time Entrance Fee that may be refundable to the resident or resident’s estate. You may choose your Entrance Fee Refund Plan option. 

“Another thing to consider is, Baby Boomers are going to be increasing the demand for senior living, and if you wait, there may not be any availability. We’re taking advantage of this opportunity now, while we can.”

— Debbie and John Verbillis, Future Residents

Predictable Expenses

Enjoy a premium living experience with an enhanced quality of life at Carsins Run. No more worrying about home repairs and maintenance issues. 

Your Monthly Fee includes a long list of services and amenities to enjoy on a daily basis such as:

  • Flexible Meal Plan and a variety of dining options available on campus to fit your lifestyle and preferences

  • Meal delivery to your home when you’re not feeling well

  • Last-minute grocery items at the Grab-and-Go in the Barrington Bistro

  • Housekeeping services

  • Walking trails and beautifully landscaped outdoor areas to explore and not have to maintain yourself

  • Fitness center and other physical health options such as yoga, tai chi, group exercise, etc.

  • Book clubs, happy hour, painting parties, transportation services, etc.

  • Social interactions and gatherings for any comfort level

“I’m looking forward to shedding the burden of home maintenance, as well as keeping a house together. Plus, I won’t have to worry about raised property taxes or utilities. I’ll still have my car, phone, and insurance to pay—and if that’s all I’ll have to worry about, I can manage that!”

— Mary Boehly, Future Resident

Tax Benefits

As a CCRC resident, you may qualify for several tax deductions. These benefits typically increase with each level of healthcare services. Consult with a tax specialist or the IRS for more details.

The Carsins Run Benevolent Care Fund

The Carsins Run Board of Directors has set up a Benevolent Care Fund that will be made available to people who run out of money due to extensive end-of-life healthcare costs. Rest assured knowing that financial support is available should you need it and you qualify for such support.

The Value of a Not-for-Profit Community

Carsins Run at Eva Mar was founded upon the senior living community Presbyterian Home of Maryland’s 136-year legacy of providing high quality, resident-centered care for seniors—a legacy that has always put people before profits.

  • Carsins Run is sponsored by the Presbyterian Home of Maryland, Inc. 

  • Carsins Run plans to invest funds back into the Carsins Run community to benefit your future home and environment.

  • The Carsins Run volunteer Board of Directors offers guidance, fiduciary oversight and direction to ensure sound business decisions.

  • The Carsins Run Benevolent Care Fund has been set up so that, if you qualify for support, you will not be asked to leave the community even if you run out of funds at no fault of your own.

  • A Residents’ Association allows direct access to community management so residents feel they have a vested interest in their community.

  • Fee increases are based on need, not profit.

  • Annual financial reports will be provided upon request, allowing residents to understand the Community’s financial position

Invest in Your Future

  • Plan for your retirement now to ease the burden on you and your loved ones.

  • Enjoy the unique benefits available to Charter Members.

  • Save even more with tax deductions.

  • Rest easy knowing the Carsins Run Benevolent Care Fund is available should you run out of funds to cover future healthcare costs and you qualify for such support.

  • Comfortably age in place and receive the level of care you need, when you need it—maintaining your freedom and independence.

  • Enjoy resort-style living and be close to everything you need to deliver beyond life’s daily details.

  • Be a part of a community where you will grow and feel at home.

  • Build relationships with staff who prioritize your best interests and health as their top priority.

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