Meet Board Member Bill Seccurro

Bill Seccurro with his wife, Kay, have had their eye on Carsins Run at Eva Mar for many years — ever since the Presbyterian Home of Maryland was looking at property in Aberdeen. When the opportunity came up to be on the Board of Directors of Carsins Run, Bill jumped at the opportunity. “I’m interested in working on different aspects of getting Carsins Run up and running — it’s a great project!”

Today, Bill is retired, but in his “former life,” he was the CEO and President of the Harford County Chambe of Commerce. Prior to that, he was a teacher and administrator in the Harford County public school system for 34 years. Bill now volunteers with nonprofit groups and is Chairman of the Board of Education’s Budget Citizen Advisory Committee, in addition to serving as a Board Member with Carsins Run.

Bill looks forward to working on Carsins Run and is especially excited about being a resident. “My wife and I can age right here on our terms,” says Bill. 

“We can make decisions for ourselves in terms of long-term residence and don’t have to burden our children with this.” 

Bill and Kay can enjoy quality care and independent living right here at home in Harford County near their children, churches, doctors and everything they’re familiar with. As Bill puts it, “We get to stay right here!”