Living Well is Ageless


What are your plans for retirement?

When it comes to your retirement, you have important choices to make. Perhaps one of your best decisions is to put a plan in place now at Carsins Run at Eva Mar. We plan to build 177 independent living apartment homes ranging from approximately 800 sq. ft. up to over 1,500 sq. ft. with services and amenities located on 47 acres including walking trails, water features, a putting green and so much more.

Why should I sign up now? 

Do it for yourself.

Leave the burden and high cost of home ownership behind. Give yourself the gift of a worry-free retirement, sharing activities with new friends, pursuing hobbies, traveling, attending classes and becoming more engaged in holistic wellness activities.

Do it for your spouse.

Rest assured you’re never alone at Carsins Run. We offer exceptional continuing care—you and your spouse will be well cared for if that becomes necessary in the future.

Do it for your kids.

Your children will have peace of mind knowing you’re secure and living well at Carsins Run. And, they won’t have the burden of making healthcare decisions or downsizing your possessions. Our state-of-the-art technology will also keep you well connected with your family and friends.

Do it while you're healthy. 

Now’s the time to plan for the next stage in your life. Live your retirement to the fullest by taking advantage of our community specifically designed for your enjoyment, comfort, convenience and safety.

Do it for the Charter Member benefits.

As a Charter Member of Carsins Run, you are entitled to certain benefits that will not be available to subsequent residents. These charter member benefits have substantial value and are limited to initial depositors.

Contact us to learn about what makes choosing Carsins Run one of the best decisions you can make for your retirement years.